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HydroTops Root Stimulator

Root Stimulator

HydroTops - Root Stimulator combines plant extracted bio-enhancers, vitamins, co..
From £275.00
HydroTops Head Start

Head Start

HydroTops bioponic Head Start has been developed to contain all the nutrients ne..
From £55.00
HydroTops Flush


HydroTops Flush is an advanced concentrate for flowering plants, designed to ass..
From £55.00
HydroTops Top Heavy Crop

Top Heavy Crop

HydroTops Top Heavy Crop is a 100% natural flowering additive designed to produc..
From £43.00
HydroTops Triple F

Triple F

HydroTops Triple F from Hydrotops is a 100% natural flowering stimulant develope..
From £40.00
HydroTops Solo Boost

Solo Boost

Hydrotops Solo Boost also helps to harden and tighten flower sets, creating even..
From £27.00
HydroTops Leaf Feed

Leaf Feed

Hydrotops Leaf Feed encourages extensive branch and leaf formation and also enha..
From £25.00
HydroTops Flower Feed

Flower Feed

Hydrotops Flower Feed helps to ease your plants from the vegetative stage into t..
From £25.00
HydroTops Bactivator


HydroTops Bactivator is a 100% organic and completely natural bio-stimulant that..
From £25.00
HydroTops Solo Bloom

Solo Bloom

HydroTops Solo Bloom is a concentrated nutrients formula developed to meet the n..
From £22.00
HydroTops Floral Boost

Floral Boost

Hydrotops Floral Boost Hydro/Coco enhances the levels of phosphorous, potassium,..
From £22.00
HydroTops Solo Grow

Solo Grow

HydroTops – Solo Grow for soil 1-litre nutrient concentrates are formulated fo..
From £20.00
HydroTops Grow A&B

Grow A&B

Hydrotops Grow nutrient concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering a..
From £20.00
HydroTops Bloom A&B

Bloom A&B

Hydrotops Bloom is a two-part coco/hydro formula designed for the flowering st..
From £20.00

Hydrotops Nutrients & Boosters

Hydroptops nutrients have been creating nutrients tailored directly to the UK water supply. Hydrotops developed the first concept of nutrients that is tailored directly to the regional or national water supply (Hard & Soft water). Hydrotops is a UK based nutrient manufacturer, and whilst the nutrients have evolved over the last three decades. The nutrients & boosters deliver consistently outstanding results for both hydroponic, coco, and soil growers in the UK for both soft and hard water.

The Hydrotops nutrients & boosters range is manufactured from 100% organic sources – it is named as ‘bioponic’ as it can be used in any hydroponics system and all ingredients are natural and organic with biologically active ingredients. Organic sources of plant food often produce a better tasting crop than mineral sources of ingredients so see what benefits HydroTops will bring to your garden.

Hydrotops Nutrients

Browse full range of soil, coco and hydroponic Hydrotops Nutrients & Additives For Plants.

Hydrotops nutrients

Hydrotops nutrients - Expert advice

HydroTops Floral Boost: Supports flowers and fruit. it raises levels of potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and ammoniacal nitrogen During the key period in the bloom cycle (weeks 4-7), plants get ever greedier for nutrients to boost the development of buds and flowers.

HydroTops Root Stimulator: Combines plant-extracted bio-enhancers, vitamins, co-enzymes, silicon and fractions of fulvic/humic acids in an organic complex that promotes fast biological processes.

HydroTops Leaf Feed Foliar Spray: Encourages extensive branch formation and growth by supplying essential amino acids, enzymes and growth enhancing stimulants for biochemical balance.

HydroTops Flower Feed Foliar Spray: Designed to do exactly this by addressing nutritional imbalances and supplying essential amino acids, enzymes and growth enhancing stimulants.

Hydrotops Coco Grow Nutrients: Hydrotops Grow is a two-part coco/hydroponic formula designed for the vegetative stage of a plant's life cycle. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale branch development and abundant foliage, as well as promoting maximum nutrient uptake, as growth during this stage makes all the difference when it comes for to flowering.

Hydrotops Coco Bloom Nutrients: Hydrotops Bloom is a two-part coco/hydroponic formula designed for the flowering stage of a plants life cycle. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale fruit or flower development and aids essential oil production. When combined with Hydrotops Triple F, Floral Boost and/or Top Heavy Crop Hydrotops Bloom helps to provide the bedrock for maximum nutrient uptake at this critical stage, giving your plants the fuel they need to succeed.

Hydrotops Hydro Grow Nutrient: Hydrotops Hydro Grow is a 2 part nutrient concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants.

Hydrotops Hydro Bloom Nutrient: Hydrotops Hydro Bloom Nutrient is a 2 part nutrient & rich in amino acids and organic plant stimulants offering a natural approach to hydroponic feeding.

Hydrotops Solo (Soil) Grow Nutrient: Concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants during the vegetative stage of the cultivation cycle. It is at this stage of the cycle where plants build the necessary foundations to produce an abundant harvest.

Hydrotops Solo (Soil) Bloom Nutrient: concentrates are formulated for the needs of flowering and fruit bearing plants during the Flowering stage of the cultivation cycle.This is the stage the plants start to produce flowers or fruits.

HydroTops Head Start: Contain all the nutrients needed for young plants; seedlings and cuttings alike. During this primary stage of development, your crop’s potential yield is decided based on the structure created above and below the ground – setting the stage for later growth.

HydroTops Flush: Is incredibly important in the quality and taste of your harvest. It has been compared in importance to using a PK booster to increase flowering and fruiting yield.

HydroTops Additives:

HydroTops Top Heavy Crop: Is a 100% natural flowering additive. This organic complex provides an unbelievable range of benefits – after all, why waste time producing vegetation when it's yield you really want?

HydroTops Triple F: Is a 100% organic floral stimulant keeps harsh chemicals out of the process too. It increases the yield by up to 50% withHydroTops Triple F - Fully Formed Flowers.

HydroTops Bactivator: Is an effective biological inoculation that is trusted by gardeners around the world. It 'recreates' the natural environment your plants thrive in, but without the worry of those pesky soil-born pests and microbes.

When HydroTops designing the bioponic nutrient range back in 1998, the principal aim was to combine organic horticultural chemistry with the spirit and ethos of the organic grower, drawing upon in-depth knowledge of hydroponic growing and nutrients. Hydrotops was the first UK based nutrient manufacturer, and whilst Hydrotops products have evolved over the last 30+ years aims to remained the same; to produce high performance bio-organic nutrients that deliver consistent outstanding results for both hydroponic, coco and soil growers.

Hydrotops is proud to have introduced many ground breaking ideas and concepts to the hydroponic world. One such example is our legendary Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers). Introduced to the world in 2002 it was the first fruit and flower enhancer to increase yields by up to 40% whilst remaining 100% organic. Triple F continues to prove itself time after time as the finest natural flowering enhancer available to date. Its introduction to the market over 10 years ago prompted a number of flower boosting products to emerge from other manufacturers. Sadly many of these products have evolved from using plant growth regulator (PGR) chemicals to achieve their results. Whilst many of these products are successful at producing additional flowers and increasing yields, we believe nature offers the best solution every time.

HydroTops is always actively researching and developing the products and we are excited to announce At Slims Place some new additions to our range. For example the Next Generation range of Hydrotops nutrients, plus Top Heavy Crop (THC) - a formidable new growth and flowering enhancer. Along with Top Heavy Crop, Hydrotops Solo nutrients in January 2013, a simple single part nutrient for hydroponic and soil growing. Easy to use with truly professional results in a single bottle, again another first for HydroTops.

HydroTops have been producing custom nutrient formulations for UK growers since 90's and continue to do so to this day. Over the last 30+ years HydroTops have analysed thousands of water samples from all areas of the UK and the data base of water quality second to none. HydroTops is very proactive in the maintenance and expansion of the water quality data base, constantly re-analysing water samples from growers and HydroTops distributors, free of charge. It helps Hydrotops to maintain the excellent quality of service growers throughout the country have come to expect. This ensures Hydrotops products are the most effective and productive nutrients available in the UK today.


Hydrotops Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions and answers regarding Hydrotops products and usage.

Hydrotops recommends you to use HydroTops Triple F solution 7 to 10 days prior to flowering/fruiting and continue adding on a weekly basis until two weeks prior to the end of the flowering cycle. Add once a week with every nutrient reservoir tank change. If you are using HydroTops Triple F in soil or coco you may use it once or twice weekly. Overdose using Triple F is not recommended.
Hydrotops recommends you to Add 1 level spoon of Microbes to 500ml of tepid water and allow to stand for 15 minutes. Add 10ml of Catalyst for each spoon of Microbes in your solution. Allow standing for 15 mins more for full activation of Microbes. Now Hydrotops Bactivator is ready to add to the nutrient solution in your tank.
Hydrotops recommends you begin to use Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop from the third week of the vegetation stage until the 6/7th week of flower.
Hydrotops recommends you begin to use Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop from the third week of the vegetation stage until the 6/7th week of flower.
Hydrotops recommends you begin to use Hydrotops Floral Boost at a rate of 0.5-2ml per litre of water during flowering week 3 until week 6.
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