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LED vs. Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED vs. Fluorescent Grow Lights

Grow lights are a source of heat and nourishment for your indoor plants. They are great for people who wish to keep their plants away from natural light.

If you live in a secluded room or apartment where your plant wouldn’t get enough sunlight, grow lights are a great help. Grow lights are also great for light and heat-sensitive plants. The lights will aid the plants with the vegetation and germination of the plants.

LED grow lights are a new addition to the type of grow lights available in the market. With the process of electroluminescence, light-emitting diodes turn their semi-conductive properties to light. LED grow lights use electric currents to produce light with different visual spectrums.

LED grow lights are considered as 4th generation when it comes to developing artificial indoor lighting used for growing plants. They are invented long after earlier grow lights such as fluorescent and incandescent lights.

LED vs. Fluorescent Grow Lights Comparison

Here are the differences between LED and fluorescent grow lights.

Light Spectrum

Grow lights are primarily used to mimic the light from the sun.

LED lights have a customisable light spectrum. You can set and customise the light spectrum present with LED grow lights. The feature is incredible for combining and setting specific light spectrums that can be adjusted as your plants grow.

On the other hand, fluorescent grow lights mostly come with white light, red, and blue. The colors present on fluorescent lights are incredible for growing plants and seedlings. Fluorescent grow lights mostly come with the standard warm, cool, and full light variation.

Heat Output

LED lights produce less heat compared to fluorescent lights since they use electroluminescence rather than ultraviolet radiation. Most LED grow lights also have a small fan attached to the system.

Fluorescent grow lights produce higher heat output using ultraviolet radiation rather than electroluminescence. Due to the heat output, you will need a cooling system to avoid damaging your rays.

Both grow lights can produce a lot of heat, especially if you have a bigger grow light system. Having a designated cooling system will help tremendously as high heat can’t just ruin your lights but also damage the plants you cultivated.


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