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LED Grow Lights Spectral Output

LED Grow Lights Spectral Output

We understand we have a large number of options and configurations of lighting systems, so here we will explain which lights are best suited for which spaces and requirements. 

So when choosing the right light you should consider the points below so that you can find a light which has the right power intensity and coverage for your required space.

  1. The floor space you are trying to light in Square feet
  2. The height of the grow room or headroom
  3. Preferred Watts per square foot (30w psf is optimal)
  4. Growing method 
  5. Is corner to corner coverage important to you ? or is a central light suitable ?

Once these points have been established you can get a better understanding of which lights would be suitable for your grow room.


Lighting conditionsPlantEffectsReference
Red (660 nm)Lettuce seedlingsElongated hypocotyls and cotyledonsHoenecke et al., 1992
Red (660 nm)Strawberry (Fragaria xananassa L.)Increased photosynthetic rates in leavesYanagi et al., 1996
Red (660 nm) + blue (470 nm)RiceIncreased photosynthetic rates in leavesMatsuda et al., 2004
Supplemented blue with 30 μmol•m-2•s-1 PPF or red with 100 μmol•m-2•s-1 PPFWheat seedlingsRestored chlorophyllTripathy and Brown, 1995
Infrared (880 nm and 935 nm)Etiolated oat seedlingsIncreased and decreased concentration of mesocotyl and coleoptile tissue respectively; straightened seedlings; activated gravitropismJohnson et al., 1996
Red + white + far-red (700 to 800 nm) for night interruptionDianthis (dianthus chinensis 'Floral Lace Purple' and 'Super Parfait Strawberry'

Petunia (Petunia xhybrida 'Easy Wave Burgundy Star')

Dianthus, both cultivars
Delayed flowering

Promoted early flowering

Promoted longer internodes (height)
Kohyama et al., 2014
Red + white (600 to 700 nm) for night interruptionAgeratum (Ageratum houstonianum 'Hawaii Blue') and calibrachoa (Calibrachoa x hybrida 'Callie White')Inhibited height 
Red:blue (100:0; 450 nm or 627 nm) with 70 μmol•m-2•s-1 PPFPetunia (Petunia x hybrida 'Suncatcher Midnight Blue') cuttingsStem length shortened; increased dry mass of leaves, roots, and root:shoot ratioLopez and Curry, 2013
Sole course lighting of blue (446 nm) with 160 μmol•m-2•s-1 PPFImpatiens (Impatiens walleriana 'SuperElfin XP Red'), petunia (Petunia x hybrida 'Wave Pink'), salvia (Salvia splendens 'Vista Red'), and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum 'Early Girl') seedlingsInhibited height 
Sole source lighting of red (634 nm and 664 nm) with 160 μmol•m-2•s-1 PPFImpatiens, petunia, salvia and tomato seedlingsIncreased leaf area and fresh shoot weightWollaeger and Runkle, 2014


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